Xon Phase2 RichB
Vital statistics
Position Captain
Age Born early 2260's
Status Active 2285
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Xon (pronounced Zahn) is a male Vulcan who is a member of Starfleet Intelligence. Xon was born on Vulcan in the early 2260s and was betrothed by the 2270s. After his original bond-mate died in a tragic accident, Ambassador Sarek arranged for Xon to be betrothed to the half-Romulan Saavik.

During the 2260s under Captain James T. Kirk , Xon serves as secondary Science Officer, and doubles as an alternate Helm Officer. Just a touch older than Peter Kirk , Xon is both a full Vulcan and a full lieutenant. Even by Vulcan standards, Xon is a genius, and yet relatively inexperienced outside of books and classrooms. He has several degrees, has taught, and is an accomplished scientist, and yet his experience with humans and others is limited. Unlike Spock , Xon is fascinated by human culture and emotions and actively pursues a study of them. He can occasionally be caught viewing a comedy or reading something that is supposed to be touching or amusing, but he has trouble getting the point, though he struggles to do so. Roommates with Peter Kirk both on the ship and at Starfleet Academy, he often finds himself in the same role in Peter’s life that Spock holds in James Kirk’s... acting as the rational side of the man, often pointing out the reality of Peter’s feelings and his behaviors out loud.