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Soval was the Vulcan ambassador to Earth from the 2120s to the 2150s.

Soval was one of the greatest proponents of Earth's caution in advancing into the galaxy. Jonathan Archer blamed Soval for holding back the warp five engine's development so much that his father, Henry Archer, died before his design became a reality. As a child, young Jonathan referred to Soval as "Ambassador Pointy".

Soval considered Captain Gardner to be the most suitable choice to captain Enterprise, however the job eventually went to Captain Archer, whom Soval found "impulsive."

Mirro UniverseEdit

Mirror Universe
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Soval was a Vulcan slave serving as an enlisted science crewman aboard the Imperial starship, ISS Avenger.

In 2155, T'Pol enlisted Soval's help to rebel against the Empire. Soval was at first reluctant to get involved, saying he was too old to be a revolutionary. When Commander Archer made an impassioned speech regarding the future of the Empire and expelled all aliens from the USS Defiant to Avenger, Soval realized something had to be done. With T'Pol, he enlisted Phlox's aid to disable the engine and weapon systems on board the Defiant so Avenger could destroy it.

Now in command of Avenger, Soval ordered her on a strafing run of the disabled ship. Unfortunately, Defiant restored its systems and destroyed Avenger with all hands, including Soval.