MRess-3 RichB
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant

Communication officer

Age Unknown
Status Active 2270
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Shiboline M'Ress was a Caitian female Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk in 2269, and, following a temporal incident in 2294, she served onboard the USS Trident under Captain Elizabeth Shelby from 2376 until at least 2379.

M'Ress attended Starfleet Academy as its youngest ever entrant, aged just sixteen in December 2260, and was the roommate of a Human female called Lena Goldblum. After her graduation - in which M'Ress came 22nd highest out of 400 cadets graduating - M'Ress was assigned to USS Hood as a Third-Shift Communications Officer with the rank of Ensign. When the ship's entire bridge crew were later killed in a Kzinti attack, M'Ress was the highest-ranking communications officer left and took initiative in deceiving the Kzin long enough for the Hood to summon help.

M'Ress later served on the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk in 2269 and 2270.

She later served under Kirk again, this time on the USS Enterprise-A in 2286 and 2287.

Via a time portal, not dissimilar to an Iconian Gateway, M'Ress found herself in the late 24th century. Strangely enough her old shipmate aboard the Enterprise, Arex, was similarly displaced in time and both were posted on the USS Trident under Captain Elizabeth Shelby.