John Kyle
Vital statistics
Position Commander
Age Born 2241
Status Active 2285
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Born John Thomas Kyle in Sydney, Australia, on Earth in 2241. At the age of 18 he entered Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, and graduated in 2263. Ensign Kyle was then assigned as a transporter technician aboard the USS Bull Run.  While aboard the Bull Run he continued to study for his starship pilot certificate, which he completed in 2264, and earned a promotion to lieutenant, junior grade.

In 2265, Kyle transferred to the Enterprise where he served until 2270 as primary transporter chief, engineering assistant, and relief helmsman.

John Kyle eventually transferred to the USS Reliant, where he served as communications officer until the ship was hijacked by Khan Noonien Singh.

In 2293, Kyle attended James T. Kirk's memorial service in the grounds of Starfleet Academy, along with many other former Enterprise crewmembers.