Alyssa Ogawa
Vital statistics
Position Lieutenant
Age Unknown
Status Active 2373
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Alyssa Ogawa was a Starfleet officer and nurse aboard the USS Enterprise-D and -E.

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Ogawa also developed a relationship with Lieutenant Andrew Powell from engineering and the two became engaged in 2370. They conceived a child together later that year.  Their son, Noah, was born in 2371.

Following the loss of the Enterprise-D in 2371, Ogawa was promoted to full lieutenant, and assigned to the new USS Enterprise-E.

Following Andrew's death, Alyssa and Noah became very close to Enterprise shipmate Ranul Keru, who had suffered a similar loss. Noah came to consider the Trill to be an uncle.

In 2379, Ogawa and Noah transfered to the USS Titan during its exploratory mission of the Gum Nebula, where she served under Chief Medical Officer Shenti Yisec Eres Ree.

As of 2382 Ogawa was serving as Chief Medical Officer aboard the Starfleet Corps of Engineers vessel USS Challenger during its mission to recover the Intrepid. Ogawa oversaw Starfleet's efforts to recover the remains of the crew during that mission. Her assignment to the Challenger would end in 2383 due to the destruction of the vessel while investigating Trans-slipstream.